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The audiovisual and entertainment industry consulting company.

About our company

It all began with the arrival of private television in Spain. There were many things to do, countless unknowns and we only had the USA as a reference. GECA was born in this context. Since the first day we have been accompanying broadcasters, producers and distributors. Innovating, helping to compete, to improve audiences and to use solid data to make complex decisions.

We saw the birth of private television in Spain, with ‘Juego de la Oca’ and ‘Médico de Familia’. We have witnessed the creation of dozens of channels, projects, shows and series. We have adapted to the changes in the industry, and we will continue to do so because we have been the leading international consulting company in the audiovisual sector since 1993.

We have a clear mission and vision. We exist to strategically guide companies in the audiovisual market. The purpose is to share our knowledge, experience and tools to achieve the success of our clients, but always from the values that characterize us: commitment, innovation, discipline and versatility.

We have different areas of specialization that range from audience analysis, content analysis and specialized consulting for large companies in the industry, to the study of global trends for the sale, purchase, distribution, production and broadcasting of formats.
We seek to surpass ourselves and improve every day. That is why we are committed to investing in Artificial Intelligence and the renewal of applications to streamline the work of customers and employees.

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